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How to make shoulders wider Bodybuilding


How to make the shoulders wider? | Body-building

The topic of today’s article will be practical tips on how to make shoulders wider. After reading this article, today you will drastically change the logic of training your muscles.

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Start your shoulders training exclusively with the basic exercise – press over your head. And do it not only with a barbell, use dumbbells as well. This exercise for the shoulder girdle is the most energy-consuming, since it involves three bundles of deltoid muscles, plus triceps and smaller stabilizer muscles. Therefore, its implementation should begin at the very beginning of the workout, while fresh forces are still raging in you. It is also very important to decide on the weight suitable for you. Remember that your approach should be in the range from 6 to 12 repetitions, no more and no less. Only in this way can you stimulate muscle hypertrophy, in other words, muscle growth.

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Bench press standing from the chest

Bench press and standing

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In fact, the trajectory of movement in these two versions of the press is one and it can even be assumed that the effect on the muscles is the same, but not everything is so simple, friends. If you take up the bench press or dumbbell standing, then believe me, you will take more weight than in a sitting position. Why is that? You will simply help yourself, perhaps not even arbitrarily, with an additional impulse emanating from your legs. In the sedentary version, this technique does not roll, your working weight will decrease slightly, but the degree of isolation of the target muscle group will increase, which will allow you to work it out more deeply.

As you can see, each of these two types of bench press has its own advantages and disadvantages, and in order not to upset the balance, you should masteron enanthate, without fail, perform the bench press while sitting and standing. To do this, simply alternate these two options at each shoulder training. In addition to maintaining the balance of „weight-technique“, you also will not let your muscles get bored from the monotonous loads, which in turn will have a positive impact on their growth.

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Dumbbell bench press sitting

Trainers leave for later

Most of your strength and energy reserves, you must give work with free weights – barbell or dumbbells. These shells, in contrast to the simulators, involve a much larger muscle mass, since in order to maintain balance, many small muscles-stabilizers are involved in the work.

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Simulators perform the function of balance for you and are suitable for work only in two cases:

when you are new and you need to hone technique

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when you need to increase the intensity of the load and „finish off“ tired muscles

How to make shoulders wider Bodybuilding

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With the first case, everything is clear, and the second should be explained with an example. Suppose you have completed 4 sets of presses over your head and your shoulders due to severe fatigue of the stabilizer muscles no longer allow you to work normally with the same weight. But you need an intense, hardcore load! What are you doing? You go to a simulator for a press sitting and do a couple more heavy approaches, finishing off the deltoid muscles, while not engaging, very tired stabilizing muscles. That is the logic. But use it wisely, too frequent increased intensity of training leads to overtraining.

Thrust to the chin

Another multi-joint exercise that will help make the deca durabolin for sale shoulders wider. Its difference from the presses is that the back parts of the deltoid muscles mainly work here, although the front and side are also not deprived of the load. Accordingly, in order not to upset the balance of the “integrity” of the load on the shoulders, the chin should never be neglected.

How to make shoulders wider Bodybuilding

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Perform it either after or before the presses above your head. The ideal option would be to alternate the sequence of these exercises. In one workout, first press and then pull, on the other hand, pull, and then press, etc. You will win – and you will work your shoulders with high quality and will not allow your muscles to get used to the load.


Thrust rod to the chin

Isolation only after the base

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Isolation exercises, they are single-articulated, never perform separately without or in front of them. So you will never make your shoulders wider. The reason is that such exercises purposefully affect a single muscle group or its individual bundle, eliminating additional muscle groups and stabilizers from the work.

For the growth of muscle mass and strength, isolated exercises will not work, only the base is needed. But after performing the stanozolol for sale basic exercises, you can safely „modify“ the individual muscle with a single-joint isolating exercise. For shoulders, such exercises are:

– dumbbell lifting through the sides


– lifting dumbbells in front of you

Workout Warning

– lifting dumbbells through the sides in the slope

It makes no sense to perform isolation before the base or even without it. In the first case, you will only additionally tire your muscles before working with a heavy weight, and in the second case you will work “idle”, since you still will not be able to achieve muscle growth with such a weak load.

Perform isolation exercises after a heavy baseline. Focus on the feeling of stress in the muscles and on the most correct technique to perform. Weight is not your main goal, but nevertheless, you need to choose it so that you can do at least 10 “clean” repetitions in each approach. The upper limit is 15 reps. Only in this way can you achieve the feeling of pumping and further work out the target muscles or their individual bundles.

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Lifting dumbbells through the sides (insulation)

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Variety of training

To constantly grow and progress, rather than stagnate, you need to give a variety of loads to your deltoid muscles. This was already mentioned at the beginning of the article, but nevertheless it makes sense to repeat the above. Use different projectiles, for example, alternate barbell and dumbbell when doing the bench press. This can be done not only at different trainings, but even within one. Do the bench press while sitting and standing. Alternate the order of basic and isolating exercises. Work with a different number of repetitions, using both relatively light and heavy working weights.

Do not focus on the same program, executing it for more than 2 months, without making adjustments. Whatever this program is good at the beginning, over time it will begin to lose its effectiveness, due to the fact that the muscles tritely adapt to the same load and stop responding to growth.

How did this happen?

Plus a variety of training will allow you to pump the muscles of the shoulders more deeply and act on them from different angles, which in the future will contribute to the discovery of the full potential of your deltoids. That’s all. Good luck friends!

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